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Trends in the World of Gin

Gin Trends

What’s Happening in the World of Gin?

As true Gin enthusiasts at the Indaba Hotel, it’s important to keep up to date with everything that is affecting the trade. Gin, much like most entities, is constantly evolving and changing as it has gained major popularity and momentum in the last couple of years. We are in the midst of the second Gin revolution with new artisanal brands and flavours emerging all the time. Originally, a small number of distilleries began to emerge in the Western Cape. These distilleries took advantage of the rich Cape Floral Region that was at their finger tips incorporating some of the 10,000 floral species into each bottle. Today, the Western Cape is home to more than 30 of the 50 registered distilleries in South Africa and the Gin produced here is making waves on the international scene. Consumers are truly spoilt for choice with endless options of both crafted and artisanal Gins as well as its best friend the tonic. Bars and restaurants specialising in the spirit are popping up in their abundance all over the country and we’ve jumped on board for the exciting journey ahead.

So where is Gin headed and where is it right now? We’ve delved deep into the Gin-osphere on a local and international scale to find some of the latest trends that have surfaced. Here are some of our favourites compliments of Trends Hunter and Craft Gin Club.

What’s a Wedding without Gin?

Brides and grooms will do just about anything to make their day as memorable as possible. The nature of weddings has changed dramatically over the decade with couples doing their best to incorporate unique and original touches to their big day. While Gin typically makes an appearance in some form or another at most weddings, today brides and grooms have opted to centre their entire day on the zesty spirit. From Gin inspired décor, table plans and weddings favours to centre pieces and floral arrangements, there really are no limits. Here at Indaba, our very own Gin School held the reception for one couple who relished in the idea of each guest being able to leave with their own unique hand-crafted bottle of Gin.

Pink, pink, pink!

While purple, blue and orange Gins are gaining popularity for cocktail lovers and Gin enthusiasts, it is the pink Gin that took 2019 by storm. Craft Gin Club, a UK based online Gin Society, reported that pink drinks were all that could be seen in hand last year. Whether it was a classic pink cocktail such as the a Clover Club or a straight pink Gin and tonic, pink G&T’s are undoubtedly all the rage as their popularity rolls into 2020. And while your Gin may be pink, your tonic most definitely is too. Fitch and Leeds, a leading beverage production company, have produced a range of tonics that appeal to whatever mood we happen to be in. Pink, blue, Indian, grapefruit and even sugar-free are on offer. Whether its pink, purple, orange or blue, there is a colour and a flavour for you.


Yes, distilleries are really showing up to the party to provide their helping hand in the global pandemic that has taken over the world. Gin-based hand sanitizers may have surfaced due the current Covid-19 crisis but we are totally here for it. In the UK, a local charity The Benevolent was at a crossroads when they couldn’t find a local manufacturer to supply enough hand sanitizer for their annual Benevolent Ball. 58 Gin Distillery based in London managed to create a hand sanitizer to use at the Ball in order to prevent the spread of germs and keep guests at ease throughout the evening. The Gin’itizer was made using a combination of Aloe Vera and high-strength distillate. As the Gin manufacturer managers to produce around 1,000 litres of alcohol a week, they were in a position to set some aside for the event held at the Natural History Museum. We also feel very excited to share the amazing work that Inverroche have done to not only produce their own hand sanitizer to donate free of charge to the local Hessequa community in the Western Cape, but also the contribution of protective kits including face masks. The very bases of the beloved Inverroche range have been used to produce sanitizers for use of front line employees helping to fight the Covid-19 pandemic. With their latest campaign Share to Care, the brand is encouraging other local distilleries to get involved in any way they can. With this in mind, it may not be in your best interest to crack open your Gin cabinet and douse your hands with the fiery liquid but keep a look out for sanitizers that may have been produced by your favourite brands in the future.

For more information Share to Care Initiative please visit the Inverroche Distillery Facebook page and get in touch at

Waste Reducing Gins

The one thing we love more than anything when it comes to making and creating Gin is that there isn’t really chance that you can mess it up. Whether you’ve added coconut and chilli or used potato skins and old ginger, we guarantee it will taste good. Local Canadian distillery LOOP GIN is in the business of creating Gins from products that would typically go to waste in order to minimise the waste stream that they create when making other products. The project that has been called LOOP Mission, makes use of overstock from Yum Yum chip factory in Montreal and uses unwanted potato cuttings to produce fresh Gin that is incorporated with juices from discarded limes and ginger. LOOP Gin has paved the way for other brands to get on board by inspiring distilleries to get their creative spirits bubbling. Food waste is major issue in many countries and the idea of creating entirely new products from rescued foods is both exciting and inspiring in many respects.

Personalisation Personified

It’s true; you really can make your own. Gin has becoming a staple in a number households, around many a dinner table and found a unique place in countless memories and special occasions around the world. It’s hard to accommodate for the vast number of palates and preferences that exists but with the opening of places such as Gin Schools and Sensoriums, you’re one drop way from creating something that best suits you. If you’re looking for a unique experience and want to leave knowing you’re able to make your favourite spirit from scratch, consider attending a masterclass that will provide you with the tools to craft your own. Where consumers were once enthralled at the idea of frequenting their favourite wine studios, farms and bars for tastings and pairings, there has been an evident shift in the number of people who are opting for the same experience but in the case of Gin. What makes the low-calorie drink unique is its ability to be enjoyed at all times of the year and at almost any occasion. Gin is on the fast track to becoming the world’s leading spirit and shows no signs of slowing down. Join us for one of our Gin School Masterclasses where you can learn the alchemy of it all in association with Inverroche.

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