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Gin-ify your Lockdown!


Gin-ify your Lockdown!

We know the lockdown is tough, and with the extension only adding more worry into what you’re going to fill your days with, it may be time to think outside of the box. If you’re like me and are now on your fourth re-run of Friends, made one too many loaves of banana bread and have considered taking up quilting as a hobby it could be a good time to re-evaluate. If you were one of the lucky ones and managed to stock up on all your favourite alcoholic essentials before the quarantine, we have some ideas for you. We’ve gin-ified your average, every day, run of the mill quarantine activities and created some fun, exciting ways to spend your lockdown days. So here we go:


Yes, you did hear that right. Wimbledon is one of the most attended and widely known tennis events of the year and if you’re like us and are devastated at the news of its postponement, don’t wait until next year to get your whites and cucumber sandwiches out. Ginbledon, it’s as straight forward as the name, get your team together, dress in all whites, make sure the Gin bar is fully stocked and get playing. Create your own Gin station with customised cocktails and an array of delicious canapés inspired by the great sporting event. We’re having strawberries with cream and cucumber sandwiches all served with an essential fruity, ice-cold G&T. Create teams with family members and friends and devise your own scoring system, for every shot someone misses encourage them to have a sip of Gin or make them responsible for pouring the next cocktail. Don’t have a tennis court? Not a problem. Extend the gin inspired game to other sports like lawn cricket, bowls, volley ball or even table tennis. Get creative and have fun, with our hot summer days slowly fading as winter approaches, spend the next couple of weeks finding any excuse to get out and soak up the sun.

Gin Inspired Board Games

Dust off your Monopoly board, get your Jenga set out and put the kids to bed. These are all your classic, old-school board games but with a twist, they’re soaked in gin! We all know how competitive Monopoly can get, especially when you’re on a roll, have bought practically everything on the board and little will stop your spending hiatus. So how about adding a little Gin to the mix, just to calm those nerves and ease the tension, we all know a little Dutch courage goes a long way when you’re unleashing your inner property mogul. This is your chance to add in a new set of rules, every time someone heads to jail, encourage them to have a sip. Every time someone lands on something you own, encourage them to take a sip. Every time someone rolls a six, it’s their turn to mix the next round of drinks. Create Monopoly centred Gin cocktails that have been inspired from different places around the board, get creative and use the opportunity to take this age-old, go to classic to the next level. Another one of our favourites is Jenga, build it up, bash it down, this simple yet addictive game can easily be turned into a next level Gin filled project. Using individual Jenga pieces, take turns in writing out rules and games on one side of the Jenga piece. These rules could range from taking a sip or having to create a fun and interesting cocktail in a limited time or with certain ingredients, anything goes. As members pull the PG 13 pieces they’ll have to do whatever is written out, and of course whoever loses is your personal mixologist for the night!

Come Gin with Me!

If you’re exhausted having to think about what you’re going to have to cook for dinner tonight and there simply aren’t any more ways you can think of to cook a chicken breast, why not spice up your weekly dinners with a touch of healthy competition. Encourage your family members, friends and housemates to each have a night to cook a delicious meal for everyone. Each night a different member can select a dish, a theme and of course, has to create their own cocktail to compliment the night. If Japan is your theme and you want to go all out with your cocktail, think lemon, citrus, ginger, honey and matcha green tea. Play with flavour combinations and ingredients and explore different variations unique to your theme. This way everyone can get involved and the stress of finding new things to make can be relaxed. Score each member and reveal your scores at the end of the week, you may even want to throw in a prize!

We’d love to see what everyone has been up to over the lockdown and how you’ve been filling your days. Share your activities and gin-inspired affairs on Instagram and Facebook and tag us. Let’s all use this time to get a little bit closer in the days that feel so far apart.

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