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Colab with The Noble Experiment

The Gin School has been hugely successful in collaborating with well-known distilleries since its inception in 2018 and have introduced the idea of forming colabs with local masters in their craft. During November and December, we welcome The Noble Experiment onto our shelves and into our sensorium for tastings and fun foodie pairings.

The Story

You could say our story started in 1920. When the United States implemented a nationwide constitutional ban on the production, importation, transportation, and sale of alcohol. President Herbert Hoover described it as “a great social and economic experiment, noble in motive and far-reaching in purpose.” We’re pretty sure others described it as a crime against humanity.

The Name

Unsurprisingly, the experiment was a dismal failure with homebrews, bootlegging and speakeasies at an all-time high. Widespread disregard for the law was obvious as even women (gasp!) began to frequent these ‘unlawful’ drinking clubs. They say that through disobedience, however, progress is made. And it was this era’s rebellion that inspired the establishment of our Craft Distillery in 2018 aptly named, The Noble Experiment. Our name is also a fitting testament to our founder’s experimentation within the alcohol industry, which, unlike Prohibition, was at least legal and has yielded more promising results.

The Founder

The Noble Experiment is an artisanal distillery founded by Riana Macdougall who prides herself on crafting spirits from grain to glass. Riana pushes the boundaries of flavour innovation and traditional distilling to deliver products that are true to her South African roots.

The Spirits

There is a passion that goes into craft distilling that is every bit as crucial as the botanicals themselves. While craft distilling is an artistic pursuit, it’s also a celebration of innovation and ingenuity. The Noble Experiment is the first distillery in South Africa to craft and produce a Rhubarb-infused gin and the first to ferment rice to produce a premium small-batch Vodka.

The Noble Experiment range includes: African Dry is a true celebration of traditional and African botanicals and pays homage to the spirit of Africa and her people. Our Rhubarb and Baobab Gin is inspired by the glory of the English country garden. Discover a kindred spirit with Elixir of Lion’s Tail, the aroma is at once bright with floral and not afraid to show it.

Our Accolades

The Noble Experiment's Founder and Distiller, Riana Macdougall received a gold medal for her Elixir of Lion’s Tail Gin at the Michelangelo International Wine & Spirits Awards 2020. The occasion offers South African producers the opportunity to have their wines and spirits adjudicated by a highly respected panel of professionals from around the globe.

Riana also received the trophy for Woman Distiller of the Year at the 2020 SA Women’s Wine & Spirit Awards, the only competition solely judged by women who make recommendations on what alcohol to buy.

As if that wasn’t enough, The Noble Experiment’s Rice Vodka, Rhubarb & Baobab Gin, and Elixir of Lion’s Tail were also recognized during the SA Women’s Wine & Spirit Awards, each receiving a gold medal.

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