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Q&A with Dragons Keeper Gin Maker


From October until December 2023, Gin School at Indaba Hotel has had the award-winning Dragon's Keeper Handcrafted Gin in the sensorium for interesting tastings and fun pairings. We love the story behind this gin as well as its elegant notes and smooth finish. Additionally, we had some burning questions for the Dragon's Keeper Team. We sat down with them recently to take a deep dive into the brand and learn more about this incredible gin.

What do you love most about gin? 

It's the most versatile spirit. You can drink it neat, with a mixer or make delicious cocktails. Not in the mood for a plain drink? Then you can spice things up with infusions or a flavoured tonic. It really is the best spirit because it extracts the organic flavour of each ingredient to ensure a top-quality product. 

Why gin?

A gin can be whatever you want it to be. It can be a relaxing drink, a party buzzer or the spirit to spike cakes and treats with. 

Which of your two gins is the most popular?

Dragon's Keeper Psidium gin. This is the original gin and is still a firm favourite. 

What's the next step for Dragon's Keeper?

As an award-winning gin, Dragon's Keeper will continue to make a mark in the world of spirits, so let's see what the future holds! 2024 might even hold more surprises.

What is the best way to enjoy your gin?

The flavours of our gins are intricate, that's why we have serving suggestions. The Dragon's Keeper Psidium gin has a flavour combination of white guava, coriander, ginger, and liquorice with the distinctive African tastes of Rooibos, buchu and Eastern Cape citrus.
The Psidium is best served with a teaspoon of Passion fruit bobas and Fever-Tree Mediterranean tonic, and a slice of dehydrated orange for garnish. We also have cocktail recipes available on our website.

The Dragon's Keeper Aurum gin has flavours of Honey and Lime and is served with a teaspoon of Lemon bobas, Fever-Tree Indian tonic and a slice of dehydrated lime for garnish.

Which of your two gins is your favourite?

It is very difficult to choose between two highly sophisticated gin variants, but our latest variant, Dragon's Keeper Aurum gin remains my personal favourite as it blends the fresh flavours of Cape Fynbos honey with the zest of organic lime, infused with Piemonte juniper berries from Northern Italy and made with pure natural Cape Mountain spring water, to create a sensational gin.

Who are the people behind this beautiful gin?

It is a mystery. You might find out if you keep working with us...

What was the inspiration behind the flavours and what makes Dragons Keeper different from the rest?

We brought East and West together in a gin. THE EAST MEETS AFRICA IN ONE SPECIAL GIN

Distilled using real juniper berries – as all good gins are – and infused with Asian guava, ginger, buchu and Rooibos, bringing together Africa and the East in a passionate burst of flavour, Dragon's Keeper is an elegant, robust drink with a herby hint and a smooth finish.

If you haven't yet had the chance to taste and enjoy this wonderful brand, make sure to book your spot in one of our Gin Tastings, Gin & Chocolate Pairings, or even our Gin & Gelato pairing before the end of December 2023. You will not be disappointed! We also have a retail shelf where you are able to purchase both the Psidium and Aurum Gins for you to take home and enjoy at home.

Another local Gin School collaboration: meet Drago...

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