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Another local Gin School collaboration: meet Old Packhouse Gin


We're thrilled to welcome another distinguished collaboration at the Gin School.

Since its inception in 2018, the Gin School has partnered with skilled local distillers to bring the best craft gins to the connoisseurs of Johannesburg.

From April until June 2023, we'll have the amazing Old Packhouse Distillery Gin in the sensorium for tantalising tastings and fun foodie pairings.

Mark Dando opened the doors to Old Packhouse Distillery in May 2017 where he continues to make award-winning artisanal gin in the highlands of Limpopo's Wolkberg Mountains.

"We actually started off making rum as a hobby and then when the gin craze commenced we were challenged to make some. For three months we made the most awful gin! After changing recipes and distilling equipment it all came together and we made an awesome gin. However, at this point, we were doing it for fun. Our gin quickly became popular amongst our friends and then their friends and we were almost forced into commercializing our hobby."

The Old Packhouse Distillery is an artisanal gin producer & manufacturer using only the finest ingredients in their small batch gin. Their fabulous flavour profiles are made with locally sourced fresh, natural fruits and botanicals such as blueberries, lemons, Moringa leaves, Tango mandarins and Valencia oranges.

They have won several international and national gin and spirits awards with their hand-crafted gin and firmly believe in supporting their local communities in this process. 

Crystal Gin 

This triple-distilled gin is a very smooth and easy-drinking gin. In the fourth distillation, the vapour infusion method is used by passing the vapour through the botanicals which marries the subtle flavours into the pure spirit. The multiple distilling processes as well as the mountain water give this gin its smooth and subtle flavour.

Look out for notes of juniper, coriander, caraway, as well as fennel when sipping on this smooth gin. The Crystal Gin is best served over a few blocks of ice with a little tonic. Garnish with a slice of cucumber, a crack of black pepper, a slice of orange and a sprig of fresh rosemary.

 Blueberry Gin

This is Old Packhouse Distillery's flagship gin. Four times distilled for smoothness and purity, Old Packhouse use 100 grams of locally produced blueberries for each bottle of gin. Often referred to as the pink lady, the colour and taste of this gin is nothing short of sensational.

Traditional botanicals are used in the distillation process and then the gin is infused with fresh blueberries which add a subtle dimension to the gin. The colour of this gin is produced by anthocyanins found in blueberries which are renowned for their health benefits. The unique colour may vary from batch to batch as the anthocyanins fade when exposed to light.

Look out for notes of blueberry, Juniper, Iris Germanica, as well as Angelica.The best way to enjoy this gin is either on the rocks, with tonic, or with your favourite mixes. Then add a few blueberries or raspberries and a slice of lime to make this gin sing!

 Valencia Gin

Infused with citrus, this gin has a light orange note with a tangy and refreshing twist. The Valencia oranges add a fresh and distinct aroma and flavour to this popular gin. This gin is four times distilled for smoothness and purity.

The Valencia gin is a tribute to the citrus farming community in Limpopo and exemplifies the quality and spirit of the country. Look out for notes of Valencia Oranges, Orris Root, Juniper, as well as Caraway and enjoy this refreshing gin with a slice of fresh orange, a couple of Gooseberries, and a sprig of Rosemary.

 Rare Wild Dog Gin

The Rare Wild Dog Gin is an award-winning, limited-edition gin, handcrafted with subtle flavours. Triple-distilled with African and traditional botanicals this smooth and rounded gin is created for you, with the intention of celebrating your African experience. This gin is sold in support of the Wildlife Endangered Trust.

This rare gin features a rare species. The African Wild Dog is recognised by its beautiful painted coat and is also known as the painted dog. Every Dog's coat has a unique pattern making it easy to identify individuals. Wild Dogs are nomadic and sightings of these fascinating animals is a rare experience.

Our Rare Wild Dog gin promises a fascinating and rare experience. The Endangered Wildlife Trust has been involved in the conservation of endangered species for over 45 years and is committed to nature conservation by adopting a 21st-century conservation model of balancing the needs of wildlife and people.

Look out for notes of Juniper, moringa, as well as coriander in the special gin and make sure to enjoy this beautiful gin with tonic, ice, a cinnamon stick, as well as a sprig of thyme.

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