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Learn and Explore The Fine World of Wine Tasting


 As a lover of wine, you could spend hours searching for your perfect bottle, only to come home frustrated and empty-handed.

In today's global market, wine has exploded in popularity. Most wine connoisseurs believe the world of wine has become more exciting and varied, but that can also make it increasingly difficult to learn about wine.

With so many varieties and varietals, there aren't always enough experts at your local bottle store or supermarket to help you make the best decision. Especially because it is challenging to learn more about wine without actually tasting it.

But that doesn't mean you're incapable of learning independently. To get started, research your desired varietal and learn about its taste and characteristics. Several online websites can provide you with detailed information about the wine. With this knowledge, you can find great wine at affordable prices.

Reading widely about wine tasting can help you learn a lot about the fine world of wine.

Here are some tips to help you learn more about wine. 

 Wine tasting for newbies

 To have a superb wine-tasting experience, you need to understand the terminology.

Let's get back to basics: wine is a general term commonly used for alcoholic beverages from the grape. However, wine is more than just a collection of alcoholic grape-based liquid.

It's about terroir, which means the environment where a grapevine grows in proximity to a wine region's microclimate.

To properly learn about wine, you need to understand the origin of the wine. The history, grape variety, and the region where the wine is grown are all essential to consider when trying to understand wine.

Next, of course, you want to consider the wine's aroma, flavour and how it pairs with other foods.

Whether you're a beginner or advanced fan of wine, you can still have a unique and fun time learning about it: even when you're not familiar with the terms. This is where wine-tasting rooms come in!

 Wine Tasting In South Africa

South Africa provides tourists and visitors with a plethora of travel options. However, our wine offers a unique adventure for visitors who want to explore the tastes of this diverse country.

It is estimated that in 2016, South Africa had about 3.2 million registered wine producers, of which approximately 10 percent were small-scale enterprises.

In addition, some regard the wine industry as one of the country's fastest-growing and most profitable agricultural sectors. The largest wine-producing area of South Africa is the Western Cape, although there are other small wine-growing regions scattered around the country.

South Africa has about 4,100 wineries. Only 10 percent are listed in the official register because many winemakers prefer to keep their operations under cover. 

 The Indaba Tasting Room

Wine tasting is much more than simply opening a bottle and trying to determine which wine you like best. It is about enjoying wine, period.

The Indaba Tasting Room is Johannesburg's most exciting wine and food discovery hub! Here you'll have fun, memorable experiences that encompass learning about a wide range of wine varieties and varietals, history, aroma, flavour and with which food it best pairs.

The Indaba Tasting Room is open from Tuesdays to Saturdays to food and wine lovers of all levels to taste loads of wines — from new-world pinot noir to world-class shiraz to award-winning chardonnays to wines from South Africa's most exciting producers.

We offer incredible tasting packages for individuals, couples, families, birthdays and for unforgettable private functions. 

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